Interested in becoming a volunteer at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre and Adam's Love?

Volunteers are a vital component of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre and Adam's Love. When you apply online to be an volunteer, we will ask you for your name, contact information, and date of birth depending on the volunteer activity. All applicants need to submit their resume at  info@adamslove.org. Your email would be fast replied. [ Opportunity would depend upon availability of vacancy ]

Volunteering is a special way that you can help in supporting and developing Adam's Love. We value your time, effort and commitment to a worthwhile job.

Are you an artist, photographer, poet, writer, editor? Do you have a skill or experience that could be used to enhance the Adam's Love communication campaign? Then you are more than welcome.

Special Skills Volunteers share their skills in the arts, writing, photography, design, music, skilled crafts, management, program development, and more. These volunteers help to develop new ideas/ concepts, interviews and articles to improve our website.

Benefits to the Volunteer: Opportunity to volunteer in a setting that benefits the community and to learn more about MSM community. Incentives are offered and queries can be sent to info@adamslove.org

Come and volunteer today!

You don't have to be an expert on any of the positions.