HIV treatment medications (ARVs)

If you are diagnosed HIV positive with CD4 count 350 or less, general guidelines suggest that the ARV therapy should be started. Other reasons to start therapy include patients with a very high viral load or paints who have hepatitis confection. Watch Dr. Reshmie at The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre explain in detail about the first and second-line of HIV regimen.

The first-line of regimen means the first HIV regimen which is prescribed to patients when they first start HIV therapy and the second-line regimen is what that we switch to once patients have become resistant to the initial therapy.
The main reason to switch from one regimen are side effects like rash, dizziness, insomnia from Efavirence although most of these side effects fade away but some people can not tolerate the side effects. One more reason for switching the regimen is drug resistance.

Watch Dr. Denise at HIVNAT, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre sharing her advise on immune boosters and herbal medications. The efficacy and side effects of non-prescribed herbal medications and immune boosters are not known. One should therefore be very careful and should not consider them as a replacement for antiretroviral therapy to improve the immune system or increase the CD4 count.

For more information please contact your healthcare provider.

Many thanks to Dr. Reshmie Ramautarsing and Dr. Denise