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Cervical cancer is caused by prolonged infection with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The progression to cervical cancer happens when HPV persists and damages the cervical cells. Although HPV is the necessary cause of cervical cancer, there are other factors whether you are infected with low risk or high risk type of HPV. The low risk HPV causes genital warts. Other factors that could lead HPV infection to progress to cervical cancer include environmental or behavioral factors like smoking, sexual behavior women with high number of sexual partners and state of the immune system can also influence the persistence of HPV infection as in HIV confection. The first sign of abnormalities is an abnormal PapSmear and for women who do not get screened for cervical cancer, the symptoms happen at a very late stage , the most common symptoms include abnormal vaginal bleeding and vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse. The treatment depends on the stage of the disease, at an early stage called the pre-cancer the therapy can include a surgery to remove or burn the part of the tissue that is abnormal. If you are diagnosed with cervical cancer, treatment would include radiotherapy or Chemotherapy which your doctor would decide depending on the stage of the disease. Women are recommended to get diagnosed at healthcare providers to get a PapSmear test for an early treatment.

Dr. Reshmie at The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre explains the causes, symptoms and treatment of cervical cancer.