HIV/STDs Prevalence

On the press conference day of Adam's Love, Professor Emeritus Praphan Phanuphak MD, PhD released the statistic that 3 out of 10 MSM in Bangkok, Thailand have HIV.

From the statistic, the increasing numbers of new HIV infected MSM prevalence in Bangkok around 17.3% in 2003, 28.3% in 2005, and 30.8% in 2007 which is very high as compared to the prevalence of HIV among Thai population.

Moreover, the new infected group is increasing among young MSM which is 4.1% in 2003, then 6.4 in 2005 and 7.7% in 2007(1) adopted from the database of the anonymous clinic, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre. In 2009 - 2011, we have found that 85% of the acute infected people are MSM.

From the research in 2008 - 2009, 17,166 MSM who joined the volunteer programme, there were only 12.9% that came back to get the result (2) and Thai MSM have come back after HIV testing in very low rate.

Written by Siriporn Nonenoy
MSM Programme Manager
SEARCH, the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre

1.Van Griensven F, Varangrat A, Wimonsate W, Tanpradech S, Kladsawad K, Chemnasiri T, et al. Trends in HIV Prevalence, Estimated HIV Incidence, and Risk Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Bangkok, Thailand, 2003-2007. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2009.

2. Report on the project to prevent new HIV infection among men who have sex with men, men sex workers, transgenders and transgender sex workers and to promote the living with people living with HIV, Thailand. In; March 2010.

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Watch Our Experts explain why MSM are more prone to HIV/AIDS? Every MSM in Thailand is recommended to get HIV tested as figures show that estimated 3 out of 10 MSM in Bangkok are infected with HIV. Get tested today at Anonymous Clinic. Remember, knowing your HIV status doesnot change your status rather gives an oppurtunity to control a possible infection from increasing.

- HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men and transgender populations in South-East Asia