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important questions on testing and medication etc.
I have some questions... My Fiancee has tested positive for HIV and I know I am in the window period and am coming to Bangkok February 5th to get the NAT test done.. we know he contracted it 2 weeks before we met on October 15th, He tested negative before we had unprotected sex and so did I , at the 90 day mark from October 15th he tested positive with a CD4 count of 374.. I have had insertive and receptive anal intercourse with him over 50 times since we me with ejaculation inside or lots of pre-ejaculate.. We also shared needle for hormone injections.. I want to know what I need to get tested for if I do test positive on the NAT so I can start medication As soon as possible.. I am coming February 5th to BKK Red Cross and staying 4 days, should I get anal pap, CD4, viral load,Syphilis (he tested positive for that from the same person that gave him HIV) and what else do you suggest? When he tested positive at the 90 day mark for syphilis I tested non-reactive.. Could this be due to my course of anti-biotics I took for Gonnerhea that I got at the beginning of our relationship before we fell in love and started a monogamous relationship? If I test positive for Syphilis can he get it from me again back and fourth.. I am concerned about his health, he is on ARV's 3 of them, I have Hepatitis C, will that change my medication regimen and also do they treat Hep C? I want to do everything possible to extend my life and my future husbands life.. I am American and we plan on marrying in America legally.. I also need to know if some of these test results can be sent in the mail or faxed since i live in North Eastern Thailand or do I have to be present for the results? we are staying 3-4 days so most the tests we will be there for the results but for some not.. Also can i get medication through the mail if I get prescription from a doctor here or one of their doctors?
Posted by: Alexander
Date: 26 Jan 2016

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Tivicay/Triumeq Availability
Hi, I was wondering about the availability of Dolutegravir/Tivicay or Triumeq in Thailand/Red Cross. Am thinking of switching from Truvada/Isentress because of relocation and price. Any recommendations for an easy transition?
Posted by: Bregg
Date: 08 Dec 2015

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Is PrEP-30 going to Taiwan?
Hello, few months ago when i had counseling in Men's Health Clinic, the doctor told me that PrEP-30 project is soon going to Taiwan, is it real? when will it be?
Posted by: Eric
Date: 30 Nov 2015

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Genvoya, Stribild and others
Hi, Will the new Genvoya be available in Thailand soon? WHat about Stribild? How long should it take for them to arrive in Thailand?
Posted by: terry
Date: 15 Nov 2015

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question about meds
Hi, I was diagnosed around 6 months ago and started treatment immediately. I take Truvada (1pillx1/day) and Alluvia (4pillsx2/day). I am now UD and my CD4 is in the 900's. I want to move to a once per day regiment preferably one pill. My question: 1. Which one-pill-regiments are available in Thailand? More specifically, at the Red Cross Anonymous clinic? 2. What are the latest once-a-day regimes available in Thailand (at RCAC)? right now i take 4 pills in the AM and 5 pills in the PM and it becomes a problem when travelling to Europe (often).
Posted by: terry
Date: 11 Oct 2015

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Medication while visiting SE Asia
Hi there. I am visiting the Philippines for 6 months, starting June 2015. I am HIV+ and in regular care in California. I am presently prescribed Stribild here in the US and have been on it successfully for over a year. I don't think my health insurance here will allow me to take a 6-month supply of medication with me --- I can take a 3-month supply at most, I am told. Would I be able to obtain Stribild if I go to Thailand for it (and how much)? If not Stribild, is there any other single-pill combination that is available?
Posted by: Joseph
Date: 14 May 2015

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Reconfirmation of Prescription procedure
Hi Sir/Madam, Greetings, I'm Ryan who's a Singaporean working in Macau. I've been recently (Jan 2015) diagnosed with HIV. I'm been on medication since February 15. I'm seeing a local doctor here in Macau every month for checkup. The medication cost of my regime is expensive here in Macau. The 3 medications that I'm taking is 1. Truvada 2. Norvir 3. Reyataz With that, I got to know that I can prescribe these medicines at TRCARC. Could you please confirm the following? 1. Documentation needed will be Doctor’s full name, his/her affiliation (hospital/clinic name), address and contact information. 2. Authorized Prescription Letter 3. The price of these medication (generic/trade) 4. As I'm quite far away from Thailand, how can I purchase 6 months medication? What will be the document or procedure? 5. I'm planning to visit on the 18th May, is the centre open? 6. Does the Norvir comes in 30 capsules per bottle? The list in your website only has 84 caps version. Thank you in advance.
Posted by: Ryan
Date: 04 May 2015

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hospital names?
This articele says that: "Through a partnership with the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center, USAID helped set up HIV services at five private hospitals across Bangkok in June 2014 that specifically target MSM and transgender women. " But which are those 5 hospitals? Can you please give their names?
Posted by: Andreas
Date: 01 May 2015

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ARVs and cd4 / viral load.
Hi, i am a HIV+ foreigner planning to travel to Thailand, and i would like to ask a few questions regarding your healthcare facilities. I am currently prescribed Atripla in my home country but I will need to purchase more of this whilst in Thailand. I also would like to monitor my cd4 / viral load whilst I am in Thailand. Could you please tell me what kind of documentation from my home country I will need to do this? is a prescription letter from my doctor enough? Thanks in advance.
Posted by: drew
Date: 25 Apr 2015

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Just tested poz... what now?
I've just tested positive. The doctor suggested I get some additional tests (liver function, blood counts, etc) when he notified me of my test results, but I was too upset to do anything else at the time. Since it was at a hospital and I'm not Thai, I would also have to pay for everything (about 5,000 baht) which I really don't have right now. I know that I can get medicine at the clinic there at a cheaper price... but can these other tests be done there too? If so, what do I need to do? Do I make an appointment or just walk-in? I don't live in BKK so I would need to travel down there for whatever. Honestly... I'm just a bit in shock still and just don't know what I need to do to start the whole process for treatment. Thanks!
Posted by: Patrick
Date: 13 Apr 2015

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Some questions about PrEP-30
Dear sir/madam, I am a foreigner. I have some questions about the PrEP-30 program at the Anonymous Clinic. I list as below: 1. May I know what is the service hour for PrEP-30? 2. Do I need to bring my passport or any other documentation? 3. Do I need to make an appointment in advance ? If the answer is yes, in which way I can make an appointment (by phone? by e-mail? by website? ) 4. Can you descirbe briefly about what I should do when I arrive Anonymous Clinic? (I guess I have to go to MSM clinic on 1st floor, but then?) 5. How long will it take for the whole procedure of PrEP-30 when we visit anonymous Clinic? 6. If I only visit Thailand for a 5-7 days-stay (or shorter), is that possible I can still get PrEP-30 service? (I meet your criteria of PrEP-30) Sorry for so many questions. Thank you for your reply. Best regards
Posted by: AH
Date: 01 Apr 2015

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Need HIV medication for a friend
Hi! My friend who can't travel to Thailand has asked me to buy him the needed HIV medication for him in Bangkok as he is not able to afford it in the US. Is there any way to get a 6 months or one year supply of Kivexa(=Abacavir/3TC)witht Stocrin=Sustiva (=Efavirenz) in a dispensary in Bangkok? A doctor's description can be organised. If available as generics, how much would it cost for a month supply? Please be so kind and advise
Posted by: Maximilian
Date: 29 Mar 2015

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HIV treatment - patient from Philippines
Hello, I've been trying to call your phone but I was not lucky to get in. I'm planning to go your clinic this coming January 14, 2015. I would like to confirm if how many days it take to complete the process and getting all the results and the medicines prescribe. Because I need to check if what day will I need to book my return trip to Manila. Also, if you can assist me on the following items: 1) What airport is near the clinic? 2) What hotel is near the clinic ? 3) How much is the total cost of the laboratory, consultation and medicines? 4) What is the frequency of visit in Thailand once treatment has been started? Appreciate your positive reply ASAP, thanks.
Posted by: Robin
Date: 08 Jan 2015

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Purchasing Truvada from Anonymous Clinic?
Hi there, I live outside Thailand, and I have a prescription for Truvada for PrEP, however I am unable to afford the cost of Truvada in my country. Can I purchase Truvada or Ricovir-EM from the dispensary at the Anonymous Clinic? How much can I purchase at once?
Posted by: Dave
Date: 25 Oct 2014

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HIV relocating to Bangkok
Hi - I am given an opportunity to relocate to Bangkok but what is holding me back is that I have been tested positive. I am scared that my potential employer will find out about my status as I feel that there's still discrimination in the society that we live in. Is HIV test a must? And if I have the right to refuse a HIV test? What implication will I get myself into with the local regulation for being positive?
Posted by: Enzolam
Date: 15 Oct 2014

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HPV vaccine - gardasil
Thanks for answering my question. I have a foreign (non Thai) prescription for the HPV vaccine - Gardasil. Can I purchase the vaccine through the Thai Red Cross and what is the cost? If not am I able to purchase elsewhere in Bangkok?
Posted by: c
Date: 08 Oct 2014

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How can an H foreigner get the treatment in Thailand?
Hello! I am an HIV person, and want to go to Thailand, stay for a long time. But I don’t understand the medical condition in Thailand for foreigners, and I think you can give me some helpful information! How can I get the Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Thailand? I really need your friendly help, thanks a lot!!
Posted by: GiGi
Date: 22 Aug 2014

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Health Insurance
Hi all, Does anyone know a Health Insurance here in Thailand that offers coverage in case of a future HIV infection? I am not HIV infected but would like to ensure, that me and my partner have an appropriate coverage in case we would ever catch the virus. Having checked several offers by insurance companies in Thailand, they all have clauses which explicitly exclude coverage for the most severe illnesses like HIV/AIDS. This is a total cheat as those illnesses that an individual can cover by himself are insured but the one's that go over the capability of the insured are to be borne by himself - that is against the purpose of an insurance. Please let me know if you know a good insurance company here in Thailand. If there are none, I will look for coverage through a company abroad that works by international standards. Thank you!
Posted by: A
Date: 20 Jul 2014

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Confirm EDURANT available at Clinic
Hello I see on your list of drugs available at the Red Cross Clinic you list EDURANT... (#23) Can you confirm that that drug is available for sale with a prescription as listed?
Posted by: kevin
Date: 02 May 2014

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HIV test after 1 year
How reliable is the HIV antibodies test and NAT test after 1 year of the exposure? I had no other exposure during this 1 year period. I had many tests from your clinic. I had the last test from your clinic after 1 year which was negative too. I am still confused because I have poor appetite and white tongue in the morning too. I am still worried about my result. Can my result change in the future?
Posted by: Ravi
Date: 09 Feb 2014

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HIV test after 1 year
How reliable is the HIV antibodies test and NAT test after 1 year of the exposure? I had no other exposure during this 1 year period. I had many tests from your clinic. I had the last test from your clinic after 1 year which was negative too. I am still confused because I have poor appetite and white tongue in the morning too. I am still worried about my result. Can my result change in the future?
Posted by: Ravi
Date: 09 Feb 2014

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First Ever HIV Treatment happening in Thailand
I am an immunologist/virologist by training and I used to run an expanded access program for foreign cancer patients in Thailand that uses Israeli immunotherapy technology. I was very excited to hear that this same drug is now being used to treat the first ever HIV patient who is a US based Emergency Physician and he is blogging about his experience. You can see his story unfold real time by following his blog at: I hope this is interesting for you.
Posted by: Daniel
Date: 26 Jan 2014

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Scared and want to die
Dear friends, i want to die die and die, 2 weeks ago i went to massage parlour and had sex with a girl, it was protected with condom but at the end no broken so happy but i want to recheck with water in the condom, and i discovered that there were a tiny hole from the side of the condom where the water cames out, so i feel like vaginal fluids went all the way tpo my gland so must be infected; i call specialist in France and they say as long your gland was protected there is no risk of catching hiv, but for a week now i have nausea want to vomit everyday and i m almost sure to have cath aids. Now i d like to make a reliable test can u guide one for me please, because i m too stress now i feel really like i want to die right now. Help me please
Posted by: lolo
Date: 06 Jan 2014

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kivexa price ?
I normally get my kivexa med from my UK clinic but will be more permanently be in bangkok from now on. What is the current price of kivexa at anon clinic.Is there a cheaper alternative (i.e buying abc + 3tc seperate )can meds be dispensed if i get a prescription from uk doctor or would i need to get a local doctor to do this ?
Posted by: mark
Date: 27 Dec 2013

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Reyataz 300mg
Dear Team, I want to asking about how to get the Reyataz 300mg with more cheap price at Bangkok,i've been infected since september 2006 and now my doctor tell me to buy Reyataz 300mg,but in Indonesia i can't find it,so i really need your help for the information about the price and also the address (place where the drugs been sale)as soon as possible.So sorry if my english is so bad,but i hope u can understand and help me soon.Please send me the answer by reply my email.Thanks for helping me.
Posted by: Calista
Date: 27 Nov 2013

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Support Groups in Phuket
I am a westener living and working in Phuket.I've recently been tested HIV positive. Are there any support groups in or around Phuket? Thanks in advance.
Posted by: Gareth
Date: 10 Nov 2013

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Testing technology at Bangkok Red Cross Clinic
Hi, I recently had an HIV test done at the Bangkok Red Cross Clinic. The printed results state 'Anti-Hiv'. I was told by the person taking my blood that this is a fourth generation test which tests both Antigen AND Antibodies. Is this correct? If so, I'm wondering why you state that the results will only be conclusive after six weeks as I thought that now it is accepted that a negative in both antibodies and antigen at 28 days is conclusive. Thanks
Posted by: AdamsLove
Date: 10 Oct 2013

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Treatment & Meds
I am planning an extended trip to Thailand. Current meds are Truvada & Insentress. My health is excellent. Can I register with the Anonymous Clinic and receive services and meds? If so how much will it cost? Thank you!!!
Posted by: timothy
Date: 25 Sep 2013

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Q: Silicone penis enlargement
Hello. I would like to know why silicone is not used for penis enlargement when it is used in cosmetic surgery for the nose, chin, breasts / chest, and buttocks. Beads are sometimes inserted under the skin in the shaft of the penis to increase feeling and arousal during sex, so why is silicone not used? Will sexual feeling be lost? In my thinking, silicone would not have to be used to enhance the entire shaft of the penis. Would it be possible to enhance only the top and sides of the penis to increase its girth? Personally, I am satisfied with my own equipment but it seems like more and more guys are injecting liquids into their penises so I am curious.
Posted by: Greg
Date: 16 Jun 2013

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Clarity on the results which I took yesterday
Dear Team, Today I took HIV test at your anonymous clinic and the results came out negative. However, due to communication gap between me and my counselor, I cannot understand the following and can someone help me to understand 1. that if tested negative for HIV 15days after they have been placed at risk of infection. Is it possible to get a confirmed result – negative means negative and positive means positive – in this short time with out having to wait 3 months? 2. When do I need to take the next test? 3. What testing technology is used at TRCARC. I know this sounds quite absurd question but there is strong possibility that I have to do my test in my home country. I would like them know the technology which was used here? 4. How accurate are this tests? Many Thanks in advance for clarifying V G
Posted by: Ved
Date: 08 May 2013

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