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Increase costs in Off-Clinic Hours
I could understand a nominal increase in off-clinic hours but a 10% increase in ARV meds and 20% increase in laboratory tests, is absurd for a not for profit organization. Hope Thai Red Cross change this policy. Not all of us are free to leave work during office hours and must go after hours or Saturdays. Please reconsider.
Posted by: Piere
Date: 30 Jul 2016

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Any update news of Stribild?
Hi, is there any update news of Stribild? When would buy in the Red Cross Clinic? and the price. It is at the end of July.
Posted by: Daniel
Date: 21 Jul 2016

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Undetectable Status
Hello! I am a Filipino and just recently found having an HIV. In Philippines, you cant work abroad if you are HIV positive unless the country you are going to work are allowing HIV patient. Note that currently I am working here in Thailand for more than 3 years. Of course before coming here I was negative. According to some journal, you can get undetectable status if you continue ARV medications. I just started 2 weeks ago my ARV treatment. I wish to know if somehow, my status became undetectable would that mean that my HIV test shows negative result?
Posted by: Dhel
Date: 17 Jul 2016

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Availability of Tivicay/Dolutegravir
While it has been anticipated that Tivicay/Dolutegravir might receive approval from the Thai FDA in May of this year, there is still no word of when approval may be forthcoming. GlaxoSmithKlein has suggested that approval is not imminent because the regulatory dossier was submitted after Gilead Sciences' dossier for Stribild- filed in May 2013, approval still pending. We will keep you informed of any new developments. A list of medications currently available at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre are listed on the following webpage: Adam's Love Team
Posted by: Greg
Date: 22 Jun 2016

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Epzicom (Abacavir and Lavumidine tablet)
Hi Adam's love team Epzicom available in thailand ? what's the price of it ? thank you
Posted by: jun
Date: 21 Jun 2016

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Stribild - Available yet?
Hi, a few months back you mentioned that Stribild would be available to purchase at the Red Cross in May/June 2016. Can you kindly update us? Is it available? What is the price?
Posted by: terry
Date: 03 Jun 2016

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Received Oral, Frottage, Genital Rubbing
Hi Adam Love Team, I have talked to 1663 and official at Adam Love Hotline (022532666) and I have received the same answers that I am not at risk of HIV infection and HIV test is not warranted for the following encounters: 1. I am a man have received oral for less than 2 minutes from an unknown status partner - I have no cut on my genital - there was no visible blood after the oral sex was performed - I have licked the partner's male genital twice (not the tip of the penis) but did not put my whole mouth in. I have no open sore or cut inside my mouth or lip - Q. Do i have any risk here from receiving the oral or possible precum from the licking? 2. We have engaged in frottage, male genital rubbing against male genital and male genital rubbing against anal where the opening of my penis might come in contact with fluid outside the anus but no penetration occur and again I cannot see any visible cut or open wound on the opening of my penis- Q. Do i have any risk here from premium and anal fluid outside the body? 3. Mutual masturbation with no ejaculation - I have minor cut on my hand but there are not bleeding - Q. Do I have nay risk here from premium outside the body that could get into my hands? 4. Me and partner have finished ourselves with self masturbation where ejaculation have occurred for both parties but his semen did not come into contact with my body then I proceed to wash my self after the entire act - Q. Any risk from the semen that have come outside the body? Thank you so much in advance for your confirmation.
Posted by: Eric
Date: 27 May 2016

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Hello, Has there been any news on the availability of Dolutegravir/Tivicay/Triumeq in Thailand yet? It was mentioned before it might come in May 2016.
Posted by: Piere
Date: 20 May 2016

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Is it possible to get my hands on NAT test result
I went to get tested for HIV at The Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic.The result was negative ( the 60 min test).Is there a way I can get hold of the NAT test result.I am really stressing thinking about it .It would be nice if you could help me or give me a number to call or point at the right direction.
Posted by: ted
Date: 05 May 2016

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Following up on NAT Test
Hi Greg, I hope you are doing well. I am still waiting for the reply from you regarding my Nat result. Please do response and let me know. I hope you understand that I am going through a lot of stress and your response would help me a lot to get me back in place. I know that you have other responsibility at work but please try to get back to me. I hope you understand and thank you again
Posted by: Dav
Date: 20 Apr 2016

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Regarding the test
Hi Greg , Following to my own post Thank you for your quick response. I would appreciate if you could find a way to figure this out for me regarding the NAT test. I travel to bkk on 5 march 2016 to do my Anti test which i got the result in an hour.Whatever negative result will then be sent for further test which is NAT test and result will be out 3 days after which for me would mean 8 march 2016. I left thailand on 7 march 2016. I called NAT center 3 times in 3 different occasion since I left the country on 7 march and If anything they wouldnt be able to reach me. First time I called on the 9 march the Nat technician told me all the result are negative for the 5 march. When I started with all the symptoms I called again a week after that and try to explain the situation to her that I already left the country since the 7 of march.The Nat technician told me that we have one case and we have already contacted the person.I got panic and start to think what if they would be anything and the Nat center cant contact me. Then I decided to called again the third time and explain the whole situation the answer i received was We have few cases on that day but we somehow manage to contact them all.This got me more worried. I apologise Greg to get this up since my mind is running and its not at peace eventhough I should have trusted My 7 week anti hiv with 4 generation test result that it is accurate. As you understand that I am not living in thailand and I can't do much from here.I would really appreciate if you could check for me regarding the NAT test on the 5 march 2016. I will give some details from my card. LN - 5903050115 ( anti test that day) HN - 1009291 ( card details ) I would really appreciate if you could help me out with this as to get my mind in peace.If you need any other details from me please do let me know. Thank you for time Greg and much appreciated.
Posted by: Dav
Date: 18 Apr 2016

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Regarding to the test
Greg, Following up to this post First of all i would like to to say I had a low risk exposure and did my anti hiv test after 7 weeks along with Nat test at 7 weeks and both result are negative.I did the test on 5 march 2016 at thai red cross center. The nurse told me that my result was conclusive as it has past the window period and I called to check for Nat test it was negative. Nothing came into my mind as I know that the technician and staff are all professionally train until on the 10 of march ( 6 days after the test) I started with few symptoms a severe diarrhea( 7 days) , fever,(3-4 days) muscles pain(3-4 days and then rash(2-3 weeks) appearing on my arms. MY concern is that while i was having my blood test the two lady technician were busy talking all those time when i was there and the needle was there on the holder when my blood was withdrawn.I do understand that all the technician at the lab are professional train and I have no doubt in that but we all are human and can make some small mistake that can cause people life.I never had any symptoms before the test and 6 days after i did the test all of this symptoms appear.And to add you with I DID NOT have any sexual activity or any more risk since 19 of jan until today. I am really concern about this as to what I believe and also on this page and other expert in thai red cross saying that the 4 generation test along with nat test later than 4 weeks should be conclusive. I will be coming back to do the test again on 25 march 2016 at the red cross as I am working abroad. I hope you understand me what I am trying to Clarified here.It has bought this to my concern and make me worried since the incident. Thank you Greg
Posted by: Dav
Date: 16 Apr 2016

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Medical or accident insurance for HIV+ person
Hi I am HIV+ but otherwise healthy on meds for nearly a year, cd4 over 1000 and undetectable. I would like to buy basic medical insurance for medical issues not relating to HIV and accident insurance. I am a farang, is this possible? does anyone know any insurance company that I could buy coverage. Even if I can only buy accident only insurance that would be OK. Thanks j
Posted by: jon
Date: 09 Apr 2016

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Sylvain Dore
Hi, I already sent a post before but i need some clarification on something. I have HIV and under medical treatment. I will be living in Thailand starting 1 May and will need to buy meds. What is the steps? 1. Heard that first i need to get a blood test to get my CD4 level and infectious level and could get it at the Thai Red Cross. Is thid true? If so,do i need to get an appointment? How long it takes to get the result? 2. I need then to see a doctor with the test result right? Any hospital suggestions? 3.Then the doctor will prepare me a prescription, and will be able to buy the meds at the Thai Red Cross. Is that correct? If i have it right, how much time average it takes from the moment i do a blood test and get the meds? Kapun Krap! ☺ Sylvain
Posted by:
Date: 07 Apr 2016

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Getting treatment but have problems
i am getting treatment for HIV and the counts are all good, however I am having problems walking, is this common and can anything be done?
Posted by: jonjo
Date: 01 Apr 2016

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4th Generation Ati-Body test and NAT
Hi Adam's Love Team, I have went to get tested at the Anonymous Clinic after I have stopped my PEP medicines 3 days into the 28 days course. I have waited 2 weeks after I have stopped the PEP and the result came out negative. The test was the 4th generation anti-body test which the staff claim is highly accurate and I should not worry about it anymore since I did used a condom and the result should ease my mind. However, the staff has scheduled another test in 2 months as a "routine check" which he said that no one that came back for the test have actually turned positive after the 4th generation test result is negative since the clinic have started using it. Is this true? Just want a confirmation really. Also, no one from the clinic have called me 6 days after the 4th generation negative result already so can I presume that my NAT result is also negative? Thank you so much for your reply.
Posted by: Eric
Date: 24 Mar 2016

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List of the hospitals to get medical supervision
Hello! Could you please give some list of recommended hospitals where I can get medical supervision in Bangkok? Thank you!
Posted by: Dmitrii
Date: 21 Mar 2016

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HIV treatment in Udon Thani
Hi. I will be living in Udon Thani soon. Anyone knows where i could get medication and a good doctor for follow up? Tks a lot
Posted by: Sylvain
Date: 16 Mar 2016

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Prices for tests
Hello! Could you please tell me the price for CD4 test. As I can see here it's 300 THB only but when I went to Wellness Plus Clinic (is it the same place as Anonymous clinic?) they told that price for CD4 is 2200 THB...
Posted by: Dmitrii
Date: 07 Mar 2016

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Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF) in Thailand?
Hi, Will Tenofovir Alafenamide be avalable in Thailand?
Posted by: terry
Date: 02 Mar 2016

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PEP and NAT test
Hi doctor, I have just taken a base line test for anti-hiv on Monday (29/2) after a low risk, if not to none exposure, on friday (26/2) midnight. The exposure, if any, was that I used condom to have protected anal sex with an unknown high risk status partner. I was top and the condom did not break as I can recalled - I was drunk so I started to doubt myself. The paranoia also came as I never hired someone for sex before and this was the first time to try anal sex. Now, I came to get tested at the anonymous clinic and have told the staff doctor there that I know about the PEP drug and the NAT test. I was advised by the staff not to take PEP but the fear got the hold of me so I decided to buy the 28 course. I have taken 3 of both pills that were prescribed for three days now and here is my question. Can I stop taking the PEP now and wait to take NAT test in the next two weeks instead of waiting for 28 days then come back and test again as soon as the PEP runs out as was scheduled by the staff. Now, I just saw a post in this web board that I should wait even two more weeks after the 28 days PEP course before I can take a NAT just to be sure. I cannot wait that long as the fear would be too great by then. That will be a month and a half. Please help provide some clarity - should I stop take the PEP now wait one week then come in and test? Also I have no side effect so far but I still understand form further research is that PEP course could be dangerous? How true is this as staff at the anonymous clinic said that the side effects is just dizzy and nausea. Thank so much in advance for the clarification.
Posted by: Eric
Date: 02 Mar 2016

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Buying Truvada for Prep
Hi There I have recently started a serodiscordant relationship where my partner is undetectable and I tested negative at the end of January. I have been on Prep for the past two months but am unable to continue sourcing the medication in Hong Kong (where I am based). I am visiting Bangkok this coming Friday the 4th of March through to Sunday and was hoping to purchase 3 to 6 months worth ofTruvada for Prep purposes. I don't have a prescription as HK doctors won't prescribe for Prep. Could you please let me know if you can see me on the Saturday and how much this will be?
Posted by: David
Date: 29 Feb 2016

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Eviplera or Triuneq Availability
I have spoken to my GP back here in England and they would like to know the availability of these two drugs in Thailand. They would like me to start treatment but because i will be moving out to Thailand again soon they are cautious about sending me there without knowing what is available to me and how much these drugs would cost per month. Triuneq - Abacavir + Lamvudine + Dolutegravir Eviplera - Tenofovir + Emtircitabine + Rilpivirine If you could give me any information which i could pass on to my doctor here it would be greatly appricated. Thank you
Posted by: Thomas
Date: 09 Feb 2016

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HIV medications avaialble at Red Cross center
I just read in an earlier post that Isentress (and generic options) is available through the Red Cross center. I also take Epzicom (abacavir/lamivudine). Is it available at the Red Cross center also, and if so what is the cost? thank you, CJ
Posted by: CJ
Date: 09 Feb 2016

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important questions on testing and medication etc.
I have some questions... My Fiancee has tested positive for HIV and I know I am in the window period and am coming to Bangkok February 5th to get the NAT test done.. we know he contracted it 2 weeks before we met on October 15th, He tested negative before we had unprotected sex and so did I , at the 90 day mark from October 15th he tested positive with a CD4 count of 374.. I have had insertive and receptive anal intercourse with him over 50 times since we me with ejaculation inside or lots of pre-ejaculate.. We also shared needle for hormone injections.. I want to know what I need to get tested for if I do test positive on the NAT so I can start medication As soon as possible.. I am coming February 5th to BKK Red Cross and staying 4 days, should I get anal pap, CD4, viral load,Syphilis (he tested positive for that from the same person that gave him HIV) and what else do you suggest? When he tested positive at the 90 day mark for syphilis I tested non-reactive.. Could this be due to my course of anti-biotics I took for Gonnerhea that I got at the beginning of our relationship before we fell in love and started a monogamous relationship? If I test positive for Syphilis can he get it from me again back and fourth.. I am concerned about his health, he is on ARV's 3 of them, I have Hepatitis C, will that change my medication regimen and also do they treat Hep C? I want to do everything possible to extend my life and my future husbands life.. I am American and we plan on marrying in America legally.. I also need to know if some of these test results can be sent in the mail or faxed since i live in North Eastern Thailand or do I have to be present for the results? we are staying 3-4 days so most the tests we will be there for the results but for some not.. Also can i get medication through the mail if I get prescription from a doctor here or one of their doctors?
Posted by: Alexander
Date: 26 Jan 2016

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Tivicay/Triumeq Availability
Hi, I was wondering about the availability of Dolutegravir/Tivicay or Triumeq in Thailand/Red Cross. Am thinking of switching from Truvada/Isentress because of relocation and price. Any recommendations for an easy transition?
Posted by: Bregg
Date: 08 Dec 2015

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Is PrEP-30 going to Taiwan?
Hello, few months ago when i had counseling in Men's Health Clinic, the doctor told me that PrEP-30 project is soon going to Taiwan, is it real? when will it be?
Posted by: Eric
Date: 30 Nov 2015

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Genvoya, Stribild and others
Hi, Will the new Genvoya be available in Thailand soon? WHat about Stribild? How long should it take for them to arrive in Thailand?
Posted by: terry
Date: 15 Nov 2015

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question about meds
Hi, I was diagnosed around 6 months ago and started treatment immediately. I take Truvada (1pillx1/day) and Alluvia (4pillsx2/day). I am now UD and my CD4 is in the 900's. I want to move to a once per day regiment preferably one pill. My question: 1. Which one-pill-regiments are available in Thailand? More specifically, at the Red Cross Anonymous clinic? 2. What are the latest once-a-day regimes available in Thailand (at RCAC)? right now i take 4 pills in the AM and 5 pills in the PM and it becomes a problem when travelling to Europe (often).
Posted by: terry
Date: 11 Oct 2015

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Medication while visiting SE Asia
Hi there. I am visiting the Philippines for 6 months, starting June 2015. I am HIV+ and in regular care in California. I am presently prescribed Stribild here in the US and have been on it successfully for over a year. I don't think my health insurance here will allow me to take a 6-month supply of medication with me --- I can take a 3-month supply at most, I am told. Would I be able to obtain Stribild if I go to Thailand for it (and how much)? If not Stribild, is there any other single-pill combination that is available?
Posted by: Joseph
Date: 14 May 2015

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