Adams Love We Care Study

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Adam’s Love ‘We Care’ Study aims at improving linkage to and retention in care, treatment adherence and optimizing HIV care continuum among HIV-positive young MSM and Transgender youth. The study offers eCounseling, real-time support, gamification features motivating participants to be adherent and redeem points for incentives.

In Thailand, young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and transgender youth (TG) are disproportionately affected by HIV and have suboptimal HIV care continuum outcomes. YMSM and TG youth face multiple barriers to care including societal, structural and individual-level barriers. Lack of awareness of the benefits of early treatment and how to access it places YMSM and TG at risk of delayed linkage to care, struggling with medication adherence or falling out of care. Although YMSM and TG youth in Thailand have high internet and technology utilization, technology has not been utilized to optimize the care continuum.

Adam's Love We Care harnesses technology to reduce the prevailing barriers to care. We Care comprises of the website as a comprehensive educational resource and intervention for We Care study participants encouraging them to be adherent to their HIV medication and clinic visits through use of personalized e-reminders, real-time counseling support from experts and rewards and incentive structure.
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